Terms & Conditions

CMO, a North American M2M integration firm provides you with access and enables you to make the full use of the “Site”, in agreement with the Site’s terms and conditions. If you are in use of the services then, you seem to have been abiding by the respective terms and conditions.

By accessing, browsing, or using the Site, you expected to be bound, agreeing with the laws and are in alignment with them. Firstly, if in case you are not agreeing with the terms and conditions of the Site, secondly if you are not possessing the authority to agree by the terms and conditions, it concludes you not abiding by the laws. Therefore in both the cases mentioned above, you cannot use the Site anymore.

The terms and conditions applying to order, purchase and delivery of products are on the website(site URL). For making any step forward related to an order, purchase, and delivery, you have to abide by the instructions on the webpage and then take your decision. In case you make an order or any query related to shipping, the respective notifications will be sent to you about the latest updates. Any order confirmation from your side is not constituted as a confirmed one, it solely depends on our confirmation for the same.

We reserve the right (at our sole discretion) to decline, reject or limit your Order, for various reasons including, if:

-You do not accept these Terms and Conditions (including the Privacy Policy);

-You do not provide a valid shipping address.

-Your payment for the order is unsuccessful;

-The product you have ordered is not available

-The information you provided us is incomplete or inaccurate;

-Multiple items ordered at the same address or using the same mobile number or email address

-Any malpractice used to place the order

The prices of all the products are inclusive of the taxes and other applicable charges until and unless outlined in any of the special cases. All promotional prices are final prices and cannot be clubbed with other existing promotional offers. Offers, pricing, and other specifications keep on changing and may be withdrawn without notice. We take no responsibility for photographic, typographic, or editorial errors and are authorized to make any changes on the webpage without prior notice.

The total amount visible on the checkout page is the payable amount. The payment method chosen by you is solely your priority and there is no reason for us being charged or liable to pay any fees incurred. In certain circumstances, we may require a re-authorization of your chosen method of payment.

Accept and agree that the payment facility provided is neither a banking nor financial service but is merely a facilitator. Thus upon venturing for a transaction, you officially sign a bond with the payment facilitator and have to abide by the policy. You will have to stick to the fact that would involve in using the automated features as may be provided on any extension/ increase in the dispatch and/or delivery time and the Transaction shall stand amended to such extent. You will be receiving the fee refundable if in case you do not receive your order in time or in any references as per the policy related to this issue.

In the case involving any possibilities, related to coupons, subvention, discount or cashback provided to the customer, the refund shall be net of the coupon value, subvention, discount or cashback. The refund shall be subject to your compliance with Refund Policies. In case of the order getting delivered through the shipment process, the courier has to be checked immediately for any physical damage to your order. In case the damage has occurred while the delivery process then, either do not accept the order or if accepting attach a proof to the of the damage with the document. Sellers retain the right to withhold refund/replacement of the damaged product if you fail to put a note about the nature of the damage on the courier receipt confirmation slip.

Your order is accustomed to automatic cancellation through the sellers in the following cases:

-Limitations of quantity available for purchase

-Bulk quantity of items ordered

-Invalid address being given for delivery

-Any wrong practice used to place the order

-Problems identified by the credit and fraud avoidance department.

- Multiple orders being ordered at the same place.

-Any other possible reason beyond the comprehension of the sellers.

Whereas, If we make an error by delivering the incorrect Product and/or quantity to you, we will provide you with the correct product and/or quantity and will arrange return or collection of the incorrect product at no cost to you. All Products, included on or otherwise made available to you on the Webpage shall be covered by standard product warranty by the manufacturer. To the extent permitted by law, we exclude all liability arising from your use of the Webpage any interruption of use, any bugs, viruses, malware.